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This page is meant to provide coaches, both new and experienced, lessons on how to make the most of your coaching experience.  As well as providing the best learning environment for the players. There are also links to necessary information to teach soccer and to increase your own knowledge of the game.

2023 Grassroots Training

TSA will reimburse coaches for their first license class, contact for more information.

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Links and Printable Form

Risk Management Q/A             

Q: Do I have to complete a background check every season? 

A: You do have to redo your background every fall as NTX wipes the slate clean every summer. (Yes, even if you just processed in the spring)

Q: Do I have to complete SafeSport training every soccer year?

A: Yes, 1st time coaches will complete full Safesport Training.  Returning coaches will(may) be required to complete refreasher courses as required by North Texas Soccer Association.

Q: Can I start practice before I have my background and safesport training complete?

A: No, you are REQUIRED to have both a background check and SafeSport training complete before receiving your rosters and scheduling practices

Q: Can I get my coach badge without Background and SafeSport completed?  What if I only need SafeAport training?

A: You must have both completed within the gotsport program in order to get your coaches badge

Q: Do my assistant coaches need to have background checks and SafeSport complete as well?

A: Yes.  All coaches, TSA officials (directors, board members, employees), and referees have to complete a background check and SafeSport training per TSA procedures and North Texas Soccer requirements

Coaches Handbook
Coaching Guide - To getting the season started
(last updated 2010)

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